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Auggie came to live with us in December of 2000 when he was 12 weeks old. He was bred by Robin Frady Honeycutt of Greensboro, NC out of Fine Creek's Salt Water Taffy by Coedwig's Phi-Vestavia Luminescense. He seems to have inherited his dad's herding instincts, but he's just a DEE AYE DUBYA GEE to us! He loves the beach, ginger snaps, frisbees, walkies, cornbread, and pussycats.

Auggie tangles with Roo, who's 15 and doesn't take any nonsense.
Auggie went poolin' last summer.
Weinercat tolerates Auggie.
Auggie and his best buddy, Tater Pie; he's just a couple of months old in this photo.
Gweniss is too mature for this little puppy.
Tater Pie was rescued from the campus of James
Sprunt Community College in 1999.
Weinercat is a rescue cat, also.
Auggie loves to see what Mom is eating-hopefully, he'll get some!

Auggie and Jay

Tater, Queen of Pussnikistan


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